My 2018

I had an eventful 2018 and also I am not super active online, so I thought I’d share things that happened this past year.

Nidya and I got engaged! 🎉

Fancy engagement photo

Nidya and I met in DC 3 years ago and I am delighted to be marrying her! I proposed to her this year in Miami. Nidya does press at a nonprofit; we spend our time eating, joking, and traveling.

I learned a lot 🤓

My two favorite books of the year were Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat, and Sing, Unburied Sing by Jesmyn Ward. The former, along with a bread baking book and Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish, made me a better cook. She also has a show on Netflix which is really good and has become a bit of a celebrity! The latter is a haunting, weighty literary tour de force.

Salt Fat Acid Heat is really awesome because it helps you think critically about why food tastes good and how to make yours better. More recently I’ve been trying to recreate some people’s recipes and it’s a lot easier when you have a mental framework about good cooks think about how to prepare their food (and you don’t burn everything). I’ve – not entirely unsuccessfully – learned to make a plate of Nicaraguan food after many failed attempts and repeatedly burning myself frying plantains.

Gallopinto, maduros, queso frito, y tomate

Runners up: pizza and homemade bread

I also took a photography class which was a lot of fun and I’ve been honing my skills. Although it’s a lot more work than I thought 😅.

Photo of our dog Keats during thanksgiving

I committed myself to reviewing some more dense Math/Computer Science topics but it will be a while before I get through them. It’s been fun thumbing through some old books and revisiting ideas with a steadier mind than a perhaps a decade ago.

We traveled ✈️

I’ve been very reticent to leave our dogs Sora and Keats behind but finally bit the bullet and traveled this year. We went to Sri Lanka to stay after Nidya’s human rights conference, and Spain to visit Nidya’s friends. I suppose there’s a lot to say but they were both really fun and I’m thankful to have broken out of my routine and seen a bit more of the world.

Organizations we’ve supported 🤝

Our donations this year went in large part to helping children and families affected by the present administration’s vicious and inhumane immigration policy; including: